Google Adds Length to META Descriptions

Meta Description plays an important role in Digital Marketing, Google started exhibiting longer META descriptions. Actually the original size of META Description is 160 Characters but now it has changed in between 200~300. This offers a Significant opportunity to craft more descriptive words show in the META descriptions —and allows EdigitalMinds to change its best practices in Digital Marketing Course.

Best Practices

Old: Maximum of ~155 characters

New: Meta Description can be in between 200-300 Words, depending on client what needed.

Though Google is exhibiting longer snippets, it will continue to generate itself automatically what it feels is the most relevant snippet for a query by pulling in pieces of the page’s content.

So why change needed?

META description is not used for getting rank positions but they will provide pieces of information as a guide to the user who they are searching for a predefined data.  Digital Marketing other best practices have been:

  • Starting META descriptions in Digital Marketing Training with a call to action: Shop, Find, Explore, Learn, etc.
  • Using the most focused keyword early: Studies show that users are more interested in clicking on focused keywords on search term represented by snippet.
  • Including brand name must: Not all users notice URLs on the SERP so providing the brand name offers further context and transparency.

Keeping some META descriptions below 155 characters has been difficult due to long brand names and sometimes long keywords. 200-300 Meta Description will help us continue to include these vital pieces without sacrificing other details and valuable information that a searcher might desire.

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